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Telework and Flextime

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many employers have quickly implemented telework programs – with little to no preparation. Supervisors may find it challenging to manage staff resources while so many of your employees are working remotely and wonder what types of technology solutions, organizational structure or communications strategies might help you and your staff be more productive under these circumstances. The April 7th webinar, below on the left, will provide helpful guidelines to start and manage your telework program.

As an employee, are you finding it challenging to manage your workload and manager’s expectations? Wonder what types of technology solutions, organizational structure or communications strategies might help you to be more productive under these circumstances? The April 14th webinar, below on the right, will provide guidelines to help you telework productively.

Both webinars were developed as a resource for employers in Montgomery County and their employees. However, the webinars are great resources for Montgomery County residents as well. Check them out!

Employers Guide to Implementing and Managing a Telework Program
April 7, 2020

Employees Guide to Teleworking Productively
April 14, 2020

Montgomery County offers employers in the County free telework consultant services (subject to availability of funds).

Working via Phone

Telework & Flextime: Progressive Options

Telework Tax Credit 
Telework Benefits
Types of Jobs
Alternative Work Schedules

Teleworking from your home or from a convenient Telework Center may be the right option for you and your employer.

Alternative work schedules such as flextime, compressed workweeks, and job sharing are other progressive options for reducing traffic congestion, lessening workplace stress, and increasing efficiency.

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Telework Programs

Employees work out of their homes or in a satellite office or “telecenter” one or more days a week – using computer, phone, fax, and/or teleconferencing.

Montgomery County Telework Tax Credit

Businesses in Montgomery County may take a credit against County taxes for computers purchased for their employees who telework.The County pays up to 50 percent of the cost of each personal computer purchased, up to an annual total credit of $2,000.  Employees must certify that computers are used for business purposes and that the employees using the computer work from home at least 78 days per year – or 1.5 days a week.

For more information click here . The Telework Tax Credit Application form is here .

Telework Benefits

May reduce office space and parking needs – improving business bottom line

  • Helps businesses maintain continuity of operations during emergencies, such as weather-related events
  • Helps employers recruit and retain the best employees
  • Boosts job satisfaction, reduces stress, increases productivity, helps work/life balance
  • Decreases traffic congestion, energy consumption, and air pollution
  • Enhances employer reputation as “good corporate citizen”

Types of Jobs

For more information, visit the Telework resources pages at Commuter Connections. You may also call 202-962-3286 for the Telework Resource Center, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. Ask for a free Teleworking Starter Kit.

Alternative Work Schedules

Flextime, Compressed Work Schedules, and Job Sharing are progressive options to reducing traffic congestion at peak travel hours, lessening stress in the workplace, and fostering efficient use of time at the office. CSS can help you determine which job types are best suited to these schedules as well as recommend program policies and procedures.

CSS will work with employers to set up Flextime programs featuring adjusted arrival and departure times for employees. Compressed Work Schedules, such as 4-day/10-hour-a-day work weeks, eliminate commuting for at least one day a week for those who participate. Job Sharing also cuts down on commuting.

Other advantages:

  • Flextime employees can work during their most productive hours
  • Employees may use less leave time because they have greater flexibility in planning medical and other appointments.
  • Companies gain increased coverage, especially when they communicate across time zones and have customers requiring extended hours
  • Flextime can help reduce spot congestion at work site entrances.