Initiatives aimed at providing direct on-line access to critical county information and publications related to County government performance. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • MC311
  • CountyStat reports on departmental and program performance 
  • Internal audit reports 
  • Inspector general audits and reports 
  • County budgets 
  • Spending disclosures 
  • Open solicitations for proposals and contracts 
  • Search County contracts
  • County Register
  • County and other public facilities where free Wi-Fi access is available

Collectively, this information offers residents information that will enable them to hold their elected officials and local government leaders and employees accountable for decision-making and performance.



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CountyStat is a component of Montgomery County’s new results-based accountability system that promotes a culture of "managing for results", while addressing one of the County’s priority objectives: "A Responsible and Accountable County Government."

Internal Audit Program


This program provides independent strategic risk-based auditing services.  The core function of this program is to improve internal controls and provide reasonable assurance of reliable financial reporting, effective and efficient operations, legal and regulatory compliance, fraud investigation and deterrence, and the safeguarding of County assets.  

Inspector General Audits and Reports


Public documents include the Inspector General Work Plan, results of audits and investigations, and periodic status reports to the County Council.  Many of these documents are available for Web viewing in HTML format, or for viewing and printing in PDF format.

County Budget


At this site, you will find information about the County’s Office of Management and Budget and general information about the budget process, fiscal policy, and approach to budgeting. 

Open Solicitations

Link:  Formal and Informal Solicitations

The following are sealed Bids/Proposals which will be received in the Montgomery County Office of Procurement, Suite 180, Rockville Center, 255 Rockville Pike, Maryland, 20580, for the purchase of Supplies, Equipment and Services for the Montgomery County Government.

Search County Contracts

Link: County Contract Log

Search the County’s contract database for contracting information and publicly releasable portions of Contract documents.

County Register

Link: County Register

The Montgomery County Register provides information on proposed, adopted and temporary regulations issued by the County Executive, and Boards and Commissions. The Register also provides information on other matters of interest which affect the general public.

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