Advisory Groups

CE Elrich meets advisory groups

Members of Advisory Groups ensure that the County Executive is well informed of and able to act effectively in responding to the needs and concerns of the county's diverse communities, and to work collaboratively with government, nonprofits, and community organizations in creating an inclusive, equitable and welcoming county. The groups meet regularly, and many meetings are open to the public.  For more information, contact the appropriate individual listed below.

Ethnic Advisory Groups

African Affairs Advisory Group 

Harriet Shangarai,  African Affairs Liaison, Office of Community Partnerships

African-American Advisory Group

Julian Norment, African-American Liason, Office of Community Partnerships

Asian Pacific Advisory Group

Yi Shen, Asian Liaison, Office of Community Partnerships

Caribbean American Advisory Group 

Rodrigue Vital, Caribbean American Liaison, Office of Community Partnerships,

Latin American Advisory Group 

Jessy Mejia Terry, Latino Liaison, Office of Community Partnerships

LGBTQ Advisory Group

Dr. Amena Johnson, LGBTQ Liaison, Office of Community Partnerships

Middle Eastern American Advisory Group 

Arwa ElBoraei, Middle Eastern Liaison and Senior Fellow, Office of Community Partnerships,​

Other Advisory Groups

Faith Community Advisory Group

Kate Chance, Faith Community Liaison, Office of Community Partnerships

Senior Community

Lindsay Luhn, AmeriCorps Seniors Program Manager, Montgomery County Volunteer Center