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Montgomery County Base Realignment
And Closure (BRAC) Projects

What's Being Done

What's being done to improve traffic and transportation options


  1. Military Medical Center Projects
  2. Sidewalk on East Side of Rockville Pike
  3. Battery Lane Bike Path/Signage
  4. Battery Lane Roadway Resurfacing
  5. West Cedar Lane Bike Path
  6. Jones Bridge Bike Path
  7. Cedar Lane Bridge
  8. Rockville Pike & Jones Bridge Rd. Intersection
  9. Rockville Pike & Cedar Lane Intersection
  10. Connecticut Ave. & Jones Bridge Rd. Intersection
  11. Interim Traffic Signal at Jones Bridge Rd. & Spring Valley Rd. Intersection
  12. Platt Ridge Dr. Extension
  13. Old Georgetown Rd. Resurfacing
  14. Wisconsin Ave. Resurfacing - Chevy Chase
  15. Wisconsin Ave. Resurfacing - Bethesda
  16. New Building Construction
  17. Medical Center Metro Crossing Project
  18. Old Georgetown Rd. & Cedar Ln. Intersection

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