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Food Business Starter Kit

Use this kit as a general overview of what it would take to open a food business in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Beyond the general steps required to start your business there are certain considerations that specifically apply to businesses that are making food products.

Additional Resources

Selling Food Products at Farmers Markets

Montgomery County has a growing number of food product businesses. A first step for many of these businesses is to sell their products at Farmers Markets. Learn more about the rules that govern food preparation for sale at Farmers Markets.

Guidelines for Building or Remodeling a Food Service Facilty

When you're planning to build or remodel a building that will be used to produce and/or sell food to the public, there are many considerations that must be taken into account. Learn more bout the specific rules that may apply.

Food Business Plan 

The Penn State Cooperative Extension Office has developed a resource to help potential food entrepreneurs think through the steps required to start and run a food business. Completing this comprehensive resource should be a first step to starting a food business.