Medical Services

Stephen L. Murphy, Division Chief
Medical and Behavioral Health Services 

Montgomery County Detention Center
Address: 1307 Seven Locks Road, Rockville, Maryland 20854 | Directions
Telephone Line 1: (240) 777-9773 | Telephone Line 2: (240) 777-9774

Montgomery County Correctional Facility
Address: 22880 Whelan Lane, Boyds, Maryland 20841 |  Directions
Telephone Line 1: (240) 773-9814 | Telephone Line 2: (240) 773-9815​

Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The medical staff at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF) and Montgomery County Detention Center (MCDC) provide medical care and services to all incarcerated inmates in compliance with recognized health care, legal, and correctional standards. The facilities are accredited by the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards (MCCS) and the American Correctional Association (ACA).

Services Information

  • Both facilities are staffed with nurses 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. Physicians and nurse practitioners provide on-site evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic medical conditions. Inmates receive a medical screening upon intake and are required to have a physical examination and Tuberculosis (Tb) test shortly after entering the facilities. The physical examination and Tb test are repeated annually. Tb testing is conducted by a Health and Human Services Tuberculosis Control Nurse. 
  • Services provided include, but are not limited to medication administration, sick call, intravenous therapy, dental care, physical therapy, optometry, laboratory, radiology (x-ray), specialized chronic care clinics and dialyses. All of these services, in addition to many others are done on-site within the walls of the facilities. Referrals to community specialists are afforded to those inmates whose healthcare needs exceed that which can be provided within the detention facilities.

The Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation was awarded " 2007 Facility of the Year" by National Commission on Correctional Health Care.