Pre-Release and Reentry Resident Medical

Pre-Release and Reentry Services
Address: 11651 Nebel Street Rockville, Maryland 20852 | Telephone: (240) 773-4216 | Directions |  Bus Schedule Metro |  Visiting |  Resident Pay Phone Numbers

The Pre-Release and Reentry Services (PRRS) Medical Department consists of a full-time Nurse who provides direct services to residents regarding health matters. The PRRS Nurse holds Sick Call during the evening hours Monday through Friday. In addition, the Department’s contract physician and contract psychiatrist provide services at PRRS one night per week. Residents are permitted to utilize their own personal health providers but all medication and practices are subject to PRRS medical department approval. Emergency and weekend medical issues are managed by one of the 24-hour Detention Service’s medical staff. All PRRS residents attend a Wellness session during their Orientation to educate and promote a responsible lifestyle regarding health and wellness matters. 

For the resident’s transitioning benefit and as part of a  Maryland state requirement, residents must see the Nurse within two weeks of release. The purpose of the final appointment is to ensure that residents are leaving the  Pre-Release Center  with all of their medical needs met.