Economic Development Platform

The Council supports a four-pillar  economic development platform that is business-friendly  and leverages our assets through continued investment. The platform’s desired outcomes  are a thriving and diversified economy, innovation, racial equity and social justice and  environmental sustainability.  The Council's Economic Development Platform was  spearheaded by Councilmember Navarro and approved by the full Council in 2019. 

Montgomery County is home to rich assets for businesses of all sizes to start, expand and thrive.​

  • ​Diverse communities from all parts of the world;​
  • Unmatched quality of life with access to numerous cultural, natural, and recreational amenities;​
  • An excellent education system preparing and training the workforce of tomorrow;​
  • A highly entrepreneurial and talented workforce;​
  • Businesses driving innovative discoveries and life-saving medicines; and​
  • Non-profit businesses delivering critical services to our communities, region, and the world.​


Strive to meet the housing targets recommended by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, with an emphasis on construction in the County’s activity centers. More Information

Workforce Development

Expand the workforce development​ delivery structure to meet the needs of the County’s businesses and residents across the entire workforce development continuum.​ More Information

Business Development

Invest in opportunities to decrease the cost of doing business in the County; promote the County’s businesses and business climate; facilitate the attraction and retention of strategic industries; and expand entrepreneurial programs and services to create new businesses.​ More Information


Prioritize capital funding to increase ridership in non-automobile transportation modes; activate the County’s economic centers; and enhance current road systems to decrease commute times​. More Information