Facility Reservations - Regional Services Centers

Facilities in the Regional Services Centers provide an opportunity for bringing together county resources, community activities, support groups, financial education, etc. The rooms provide space for meetings, training, and seminars. The following locations are available to community use:

Facility Amenities

Visit the Montgomery County Government Buildings web page for facility descriptions, capacities and booking hours.


Room Type
Local Government Agencies
Hourly Rate
Non-Profit Groups*
Hourly Rate
For-Profit Groups
Hourly Rate
Small Conference Room
Medium Conference Room
Large Conference Room
Multipurpose Room (BCC)
* Montgomery County based non-profit organizations

Activity Restrictions

  • Private events such as birthday parties, weddings, receptions, etc. are not permitted in the regional centers.
  • Light snacks and beverages are permitted in Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Mid-county and Upcounty centers; but will require $50 security deposit for groups 50 or more.
  • First-time users should schedule an appointment to meet with Regional Services Center staff to be introduced to security and site-specific information - the group representative should contact the Center directly; we do not schedule these meetings.
  • Please review the Rules and Regulations prior to applying for use.

Apply for Use Permit

Submission Window

Agency/Group Type Window 1 for use
Jan 1 - June 30
Window 2 for use
July 1 - Dec 31
Government Agencies Submit beginning October 15th Submit beginning April 15th
Local Non-profit groups * Submit beginning November 15th Submit beginning May 15th
Out-of-County Non-profits
Commercial/For-profit groups
Submit beginning December 1st Submit beginning June 1st

Allow at least 7 business days to process requests.