Pay and Display at Wheaton Market Place Lot (Lot 13)

Customer Service: (240) 777-8740

Coming soon, Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) Division of Parking Management will modernize the Parking Payment System at Lot 13.

The Parking System uses Pay and Display and operates like a single space meter where the customer would have to estimate the time and pre pay prior to leaving to their destination. User must return to vehicle and display ticket on dashboard.

Pay and Display Instructions

Rates and Hours Requiring Payment

Mobile Payment in a Pay and Display environment

How To Guide


Benefits of New Parking Payment System

  • Provides more payment options for parking customers, including coins, bills ($1 and $5 only), credit cards and Pay by Cell . Please note Pay Stations do not give change.
  • Pay by Cell option allows for impending expiration reminders and the ability to add or stop time remotely.
  • Ability to pay for parking or add time to any of the conveniently located pay stations.
  • Pay station prompt in multiple languages.

Parkmobile Instructional Video