Tuckerman Lane Road Diet Pilot

MCDOT is planning a one-year pilot project to reduce a 1.17-mile segment of Tuckerman Lane from four lanes to two lanes (one lane in each direction) to shorten the pedestrian/bicycle crossing at the Bethesda Trolley Trail.  The pilot project will be implemented in both directions from MD 187 (Old Georgetown Road) to MD 355 (Rockville Pike) and will employ the use of flexible “flex” posts to close motor vehicle access to the rightmost lanes in both directions.  The pilot project was developed to enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety in this corridor, particularly near the Bethesda Trail, in alliance with Montgomery County’s Vision Zero Initiative. 

At the end of the one-year pilot period, a determination will be made on whether the lane reductions should be made permanent or restored to its current configuration.  The proposed project plans may be viewed at the following link.

A Virtual Community Meeting regarding this pilot project was held on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 at 3:30pm.

The period to submit feedback related to the proposed Tuckerman Lane Road Diet Pilot has ended.  All input received is being considered and MCDOT is refining the final response regarding the Tuckerman Lane Road Diet Pilot to make sure it fully captures the input received and clearly outlines the County’s anticipated next steps. 
 May 9, 2023, UPDATE
Thank you for your patience while next steps regarding safety improvements to Tuckerman Lane were contemplated.  MCDOT has determined that it will move forward with the addition of raised crossings/speed humps and lighting improvements along Tuckerman Lane, as described below and will not be implementing the proposed road diet.
Raised Crosswalks/Speed Humps -
Tuckerman Lane at Bethesda Trolley Trail and Tuckerman Lane at Valerian Lane crossings
  • Install a raised crosswalk in eastbound and westbound direction at both locations;
  • Install flat top speed humps 300 feet prior to crossings and include installation of flexible “flex” posts adjacent to the speed humps and in the continuous center turn lane to discourage vehicle bypass of the speed humps; and
  • Install flexible “flex” posts to delineate the pedestrian refuge island at the crossings and curbside flex posts in both directions.
  • Installation of these treatments are planned for summer 2023.
Additional Lighting and enhancements -
Tuckerman Lane at BTT
  • Add LED luminaire on westbound Tuckerman Lane on PEPCO pole located west of BTT crossing;
  • Convert existing light to an LED along eastbound Tuckerman Lane at the bus stop located west of BTT crossing. 
Tuckerman Lane at Valerian Lane
  • Convert existing light to LED along westbound Tuckerman Lane;
  • Convert existing light along eastbound Tuckerman Lane and located 50 feet west of the crossing to LED; add a second LED light on same pole and use a long arm for illuminating the crosswalk.
Raised crossing/speed hump sketch

2-15-23 Meeting Replay

Project Documents


Proposed Plan

Concept Plan