Contact Public Information Officers

MC311 Customer Service Center is Montgomery County’s source for non-emergency government information and services. You can reach MC311 by calling 311 in the County or 240-777-0311, 711 for MD Relay TTY, from anywhere, Monday - Friday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Follow us on twitter @311MC311. For General Media MPIA Inquiries, Call 240-777-6507 or email us.
Barry Husdon Barry Hudson Director email icon | 240-777-6528
Beats: County Executive, Taxes, Chief Administration Office, Budget, Finance, Maryland Public Information Act, Intergovernmental Relations, County Council, CEX Intranet Quorum Queries. Speechwriting, Photography, Winter Operations, Technology Services, Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, Innovation, Mosaic TV, web, PEG.  Alternative:  County Executive, Taxes,  Chief Administration OfficeBudgetFinanceMaryland Public Information ActIntergovernmental Relations, Clear Channel,  County Council, ( Temporary:   MC 311, Annual Report, African American Affairs, Human Resources, Montgomery County Public Schools, Consumer Protection, Digital Signage, Procurement, East County Regional Service AreaSocial MediaArtsAgriculturePark and PlanningFilm InquiriesPermitting ServicesEconomic DevelopmentAlcohol Beverage ServicesUpcounty Regional Service Area.)
Mary Anderson Mary Anderson, Deputy Director email icon | 240-777-6534
Neil Greenburger Neil Greenberger email | 240-777-6532
BeatsRegional Service CentersWheaton RedevelopmentEnvironmental Protection, VisionZero, Transportation: BRT, Pedestrian Safety, Parking Lot Safety, Veterans Affairs/Homefront.
Jose Dominguez Jose A. Dominguez email | 240 743-8865
Jennifer Garfinkel Jennifer Garfinkel email | 240 962-1506
Mark Roper Mark Roper email | 240 962-1743
Teresa S. Woorman Teresa Woorman email | 240 962-1520
Nordea Lewis Nordea Lewis email | 240 962-0315
Lorna Virgili Lorna Virgili email | 240-777-6535
Beats: Latino Affairs, Montgomery Al Día, Community Partnerships, Immigration, Volunteer Center, Spanish Language Media, Cable Programming, Mid-County Regional Service Area.

Some of the County’s larger departments have staff that also provides public information services. They include: