Safety Net Foster Program

The Office of Animal Services's Safety Net Foster program provides foster care of owned pets while their owners are temporarily unable to care for their pet(s) due to illness, homelessness, or other emergencies. We offer this service as a last resort, when other options such as care with a friend or family member have been exhausted.

Our program is designed to provide short term housing for eligible pets with the goal of reuniting you with your pet! Space in the program is limited, and your pet must meet medical and behavioral criteria to be considered for foster placement.

Before you fill out the application, please consider the following:
Have you reached out to family/friends to take care of your pet(s)?
Established that your need for animal care is temporary?

Before you complete the Safety Net Foster application, be sure your answer is "yes" to all of the following statements:

  • Yes, I am working with a Montgomery County social worker, case manager, or allied agency, or will be able to establish a relationship with one within twenty-eight (28) days from my animal entering the care of the OAS.
  • Yes, I or my case manager am available for a weekly check-in call with the OAS.
  • Yes, I plan to take my pet home within three (3) months.
  • Yes, my pet is used to living indoors.
  • Yes, my pet is overall healthy and/or currently taking medicine that maintains their health.
  • Yes, my pet is friendly towards strangers.
​After completing the application a representative of OAS will be in touch within four (4) business days. If you have additional questions about the Safety Net Foster Program, please email or call the shelter at 240-773-5900.