Division of Parking Management

Division of Parking Management

Curbside Pickup Zones

On or about July 1, 2022, Montgomery County's Department of Transportation (MCDOT) will begin right sizing the number of curbside pickup zones in the Parking Lot Districts and return many of the spaces back to metered parking.  The pickup zones were created in response to business needs as a result of the pandemic.  As daily life normalizes post-pandemic, the need for large quantities of pickup zones is no longer critical.  Many of the zones are underutilized and the demand for one- and two-hour parking spaces has returned.  MCDOT will continue providing curbside pickup zones in strategic areas that experience low parking space availability.  But on blocks where available parking is ample, the curbside pickup zones will be scaled back to fulfill the demand for metered parking.  The rolling back of the curbside pickup zones will be executed in a phased, incremental fashion.  Available spaces and no parking zones effectively provide space for short-term parking, pickup/drop-off and loading needs.  See below for maps of existing temporary curbside pickup zones.  These maps will be updated with the permanent zones shortly. 

Description of Parking Regulation Signs

Curbside Pickup Zones: May be used for pickup and drop-off of passengers, retail and restaurant pickups and short-term loading and unloading needs.  Vehicles may be parked in these zones for up to 15 minutes.
No Parking: Similar to the curbside pickup zones, this zone can be used for most any need.  Stopping is limited to 15 minutes and the driver is permitted to leave the vehicle provide the vehicle's flashers are on.
No Standing: A vehicle may stop or halt in this zone momentarily, but the driver is not permitted to leave the vehicle and the flashers must be on.  These zones are primarily intended for picking and dropping off passengers expeditiously.
No Stopping : Vehicles may not stop or halt here for any reason except when necessary to avoid conflict with othe traffic or in compliance with the direction of a police officer or traffic control sign or signal.

Downloadable Map

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