Digital Equity

Digital Equity is defined as a condition in which all individuals in a society can access the technology needed to fully participate in our society, democracy, and economy. The Office of Broadband Programs (OBP) is taking steps towards achieving digital equity in Montgomery County, through programs such as expanding broadband services, educating seniors, and aiding individuals in connecting to the internet.

Bridging the Digital Divide
Montgomery County is supporting Digital Equity in Several Ways

Montgomery Connects

Montgomery County wants every household and family in Montgomery County to be connected to the Internet for school, work, daily living and social interaction. If you are a low income family and would like help to enroll in a low cost Internet program, click HERE

Rural Broadband

OBP has conducted field surveys and postal surveys and released the Rural Broadband Report to identify roads and properties in the Agricultural Reserve that do not have wired broadband service. We are seeking input on our findings and want to help all rural residents and business get robust broadband service. For more information, please click HERE.

Senior Planet Montgomery

In 2016, ultraMontgomery partnered with Older Adults Technology Services to bring their award winning technology instructional program to us. These free courses offered through Senior Planet cover a range of topics including technology basic skills, online shopping, health and wellness, social engagement, and entrepreneurship.

Digital Equity

In our mission to assist residents in need with affordable and reliable broadband access, we work to establish partnerships,seek funding avenues, and find creative ways to fulfill our mission. If you'd like to support the Office of Broadband Programs bridge the digital divide in Montomery County Maryland e-mail


An initial field survey to determine Comcast and Verizon deployments in the Agricultural Reserve has been completed, and OBP is working with our Congressional delegation to increase pressure on Verizon to use its federal Connect America Fund grants to complete construction in the Agricultural Reserve ahead of the request 2024 required completion date. OBP further intends to leverage this work to apply for a Maryland and federal grant in fall 2020 to extend fiber to the approximately 365 addresses that do not have home internet access. OBP has also reached out to wireless providers to see if any of these addresses can be served in 2020.