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Appointments released weekly on Sundays at 2pm.

  • Progress | last updated: 9/20/22
  • Computers Distributed: 26,727
  • Computers Available: 3,298
  • Computers Ordered (Not Yet Received): 13,344
  • Computers To Be Ordered: 10,000

The Montgomery County Department of Technology, Enterprise and Business Services (TEBS) created the Montgomery Connects program to support Montgomery County’s goal of achieving digital equity, in which all residents have access to the technology, devices and skills to participate in the digital world.  Montgomery Connects is currently making available as a long-term loan, up to 50,000 new Chromebook laptop computers for lower-income Montgomery County residents who would not have a computer for education without the help of this program. 

There is a limit of one loaner computer per person for the life of the program (there can be more than one per household.)  You do not need to be a U.S. Citizen but you must be a Montgomery County resident at least 7 years old. The federal grant funding this program requires Montgomery County to be the owner of the loaned computer for three years and the computer may not be resold during this time. The County will decide later what happens to the computers after 3 years. Montgomery County does not provide any tech support for loaned computers. 

General Requirements

EVERY PERSON, INCLUDING CHILDREN, receiving a loaner computer:

  • Must preregister through Eventbrite AND HAVE AN APPOINTMENT to pick-up a computer (if 3 people in the households are receiving computers, there must be 3 appointments)
  • MUST APPEAR IN PERSON including children requesting loaner computers (do not make an appointment during hours in which your children cannot accompany you)
  • Must BE A MONTGOMERY COUNTY RESIDENT at least 7 years old
  • MUST SHOW PHOTO ID when picking up the computer – State driver’s license or ID, passports or other government photo ID, work or school ID or other ID with photo is acceptable
    • Residents using photo IDs without an address must also bring a piece of mail addressed to them showing their Montgomery County address
    • Residents under age 18 may also use school ID, school report card, or the ability to log into the student’s online school account as ID   
  • Must be able to honestly certify you would not have access to a computer for education if the County did not loan you one. Education means any kind of learning, including how to use a computer or the internet

Appointment Requirements


  • Must have a Montgomery County library card number to make an appointment.
    • You use an email address to get a digital library card number in a few minutes here or visit a library to get a library card.
  • Must have an email address to register for picking up the loaned computer, and to activate the computer and warranty (parent’s or caregivers’ email addresses may be used for children)
  • Must make an appointment through Eventbrite – Do not use any other registration system and there is no fee or charge to register
  • Must be a Montgomery County resident (but you do not need to be a US Citizen)
  • Must pick up the loaned computer during your scheduled appointment date

To activate the computer, you must have or create a Google account (which is different from a Google or other email).  Instructions in English and Spanish are available here ( link coming soon).

Upcoming dates for appointments are listed below. New appointments are made available every Sunday at 2pm.

Please contact for questions.  Please do not use this email address to request a computer.  Use this email if you are a caseworker or unhoused person who needs additional assistance registering your client or yourself.

Make An Appointment To Pick Up A Computer

  • Click on one of the computer distribution dates below. If the event date and location you select does not allow you to register, then it is full.  
  • If all event dates are full (listed as “Sold Out” in Eventbrite), please check back in each Sunday at 2:00pm, when new computer distribution dates are made available.
  • After you complete the online registration form, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite.  Please be sure to either save this or print it out and bring it to your appointment. 
  • The registration form and questions will be available shortly in multiple languages.  Please check back to read the questions in English and other languages
    • The County asks for your phone number and email to contact you as necessary and to transfer the computer warranty to you.  Parents and caregivers may use their phone number and email for children and adults.
    • The County asks about the devices you own, benefit programs you may be enrolled in, as well as age, ethnicity, and gender to better understand the population receiving these devices. 
    • Your address is used to verify that you are a Montgomery County resident and to understand how well computers are being distributed to areas of the County with most demand (based on Census and similar statistical data).
    • Your reported income may be used to prioritize distribution of computers to lower income residents.  
    • The County does not report individually identifiable data to other agencies (meaning, for example, we do not report your individual income to any other agency but we may report the percentage of recipients with household income in a specific range). The County does not sell your data. 
    • The County reserves the right to email information about other digital equity technology training programs to computer recipients and use program demographic data to apply for more digital equity grants.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 10/5/22 – 3pm - 7pm - McGee Library - 900 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910  (Sold Out)
Thursday, 10/6/22 - 3pm - 7pm - Wheaton Library - 11701 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20902  (Sold Out)
Friday, 10/7/22 - 11am - 3pm - Upcounty Regional Service Center 12900 Middlebrook Rd, Germantown, MD 20874  (Sold Out)

Available Appointments

Available now: Saturday 10/8/22 - 10am-2pm - Takoma Park Recreation Dept. - 7500 Maple Ave Ste 2, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Registration starts Sunday 10/2/22 at 2pm:
Tuesday 10/11/22 - 6:30pm-9pm - Plum Gar Community Rec Center - 19561 Scenery Drive, Germantown, MD 20876 

Wednesday 10/12/22 - 11am-3pm - Wheaton American Job Center - 11510 Georgia Ave., First Floor, Silver Spring, MD 20902

​Friday 10/14/22 - 3pm-5pm - White Oak Senior Center - 1700 April Lane Silver Spring, MD 20904

Future Appointments

Wed 10/12/22 - 11am-3pm - Wheaton American Job Center (Registration starts Sunday 10/2/22 at 2pm)
Fri 10/14/22 - 3pm-5 pm - White Oak Recreation Center (Registration starts Sunday 10/2/22 at 2pm)
Wed 10/19/22 - 3pm-7pm – McGee Library (Registration starts Sunday 10/9/22 at 2pm)
Fri 10/21/22 - 1pm-5pm – Wheaton Library (Registration starts Sunday 10/9/22 at 2pm)
Sat 10/22/22 - 11am - 3pm - Cross Community - Lakeforest Mall (Registration starts Sunday 10/9/22 at 2pm)
Tue 10/25/22 - 6:30pm - 9pm - Plum Gar Community Rec Center in Germantown (Registration starts Sunday 10/16/22 at 2pm)
Fri 10/28/22 - 11am - 3pm - UpCounty Regional Services Center (Registration starts Sunday 10/16/22 at 2pm)
Sat 10/29/22 - 10am-2pm - Takoma Park Rec Center - 7315 New Hampshire Ave. (Registration starts Sunday 10/16/22 at 2pm)
Fri 11/4/22 - 11am-3pm - UpCounty Regional Services Center (Registration starts Sunday 10/23/22 at 2pm)
Sat 11/5/22 - 10am-2pm - Takoma Park Rec Center - 7315 New Hampshire Ave. (Registration starts Sunday 10/23/22 at 2pm)
Tue 11/8/22 - 6:30pm-9pm - UpCounty Regional Services Center (Registration starts Sunday 10/30/22 at 2pm)
Wed 11/9/22 - 11am-3pm - Wheaton American Jobs Center (Registration starts Sunday 10/30/22 at 2pm)
Fri 11/18/22 - 11am-3pm - UpCounty Regional Services Center (Registration starts Sunday 11/6/22 at 2pm)
Tue 11/22/22 - 6:30pm-9pm - Plum Gar Community Rec Center in Germantown (Registration starts Sunday 11/13/22 at 2pm)

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