About OBP

The Office of Broadband Programs

OBP Community Technology manages use of public rights-of-way in Montgomery County by cable television providers, negotiates and enforces obligations in cable franchise agreements, provides consumer assistance with cable issues and complaints, and supports County policies addressing compensation for use of public rights-of-way by communications providers. Community Technology manages the Transmission Facility Coordinating Group to provide engineering review of applications to deploy towers and antennas for wireless services in Montgomery County, and coordination for deployment of wireless facilities among department and agencies.


Chief Broadband Officer

Joe Webster
Chief Broadband Officer, Office of Broadband Programs
E-mail: joseph.webster@montgomerycountymd.gov

Division Team Leads

Max Stuckey
Chief, Telecommunications Solutions
E-mail: max.stuckey@montgomerycountymd.gov | Phone: 240-777-2933
Gerry Adcock
Radio System Manager
E-mail: gerry.adcock@montgomerycountymd.gov | Phone: 240-773-7278
Shan Balasubramanian
Acting Manager, DevOps & Server
E-mail: shan.balasubramanian@montgomerycountymd.gov | Phone: 240-777-2868
Mitsuko Herrera
ultraMontgomery Program Director
E-mail: mitsuko.herrera@montgomerycountymd.gov | Phone: 240-777-2928
Marjorie Williams
Broadband, Cable & Franchise Division Manager
E-mail: marjorie.williams@montgomerycountymd.gov | Phone: 240-777-3762
Derrick Kenny
Acting, Media Services Manager - County Cable Montgomery/Community Engagement
E-mail: derrick.kenny@montgomerycountymd.gov | Phone: 240-777-3717
Mark Gardner
Senior FiberNet Engineering & Operations Manager
E-mail: mark.gardner@montgomerycountymd.gov | Phone: 240-773-8116
Benjamin M. Harrington
Acting, Infrastructure Manager
E-mail: benjamin.harrington@montgomerycountymd.gov | Phone: 240-777-8008
Leny Bautista
Finance Manager
E-mail: Leny.Bautista@montgomerycountymd.gov | Phone: 240-777-4663
Ted Bowser
Data Center Manager
E-mail: ted.bowser@montgomerycountymd.gov | Phone: 240-773-2907
Logan Holliday
Public Safety Data Systems Manager
E-mail: logan.holliday@montgomerycountymd.gov | Phone: 240-773-8059

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