About MoCoNet

Montgomery County Government has created an internet service network, MoCoNet, which will provide an option for low income and special needs residents of Main Street Apartments to have broadband access to the internet without having to pay the sometimes burdensome fees. In-home Wi-Fi connectivity, security, and enhanced services will be provided by Plume, a company that shares Montgomery County Government's commitment to supporting Digital Equity initiatives. If you'd like more information about MoCoNet or would like to apply for the service, please e-mail or call 240-773-8017.

About the Main Street Project

The Main Street Apartments Digital Equity Project is a new program designed to provide free internet access for low income and special needs residents of Main Street Apartments.

The Main Street Apartments are an inclusive apartment building and community center located in Rockville, Maryland, where 25% of the building’s 70 units are set aside for adults with disabilities and the remaining 75% are affordable housing options for all.

For more information about the Main Street Connect, LLC visit

Who Is Eligible?

Anyone who leases an affordable apartment unit and/or is special needs is eligible for this service. Interested residents need to review and accept MoCoNet’s Acceptable Use Policy and confirm they are eligible for the services.

Qualifying residents of Main Street Apartments may choose between MoCoNet, Comcast, or Verizon as their internet service options. MoCoNet is free for eligible residents; Comcast and Verizon will charge prices they determine for their services.

MoCoNet is designed to provide an option for low income and special needs residents to have internet access for their personal and family use without the burden of paying fees . This free service is available to eligible residents of Main Street Apartments.

Residents who sign up with MoCoNet will also get free access to Plume’s smart home system, including beautiful, fast SuperPod hardware and 24/7 customer support. Plume provides enhanced Wi-Fi coverage & performance and online protection for your family. Plume’s easy-to-use service will empower eligible residents to keep up with changing technology.

Plume HomePass® Smart Home Service Suite

HomePass is delivered through the Plume Cloud, the Plume App, and SuperPods. Standard updates and upgrades to the Plume Services made during the Term will be provided to Provider at the same time those updates and upgrades are provided to other similarly situated Plume customers.

  • Plume App: Plume’s mobile app (available for iOS and Android) (the “App”) facilitates the initial association of SuperPods to an end user’s account and allows the user to monitor and manage the home Wi-Fi network. The App will be Plume and Provider co-branded (i.e., will include Provider’s logo and name only in the form “[Provider’s Name] Powered by Plume®,” and not any of Provider’s trade dress), in English, and will be made available directly to end users to be downloaded from in-country Apple App or Google Play Stores. The App will includes links to Provider’s (and not Plume’s) end user terms/privacy policies and customer support websites and phone numbers. Provider shall maintain the end user terms and conditions and privacy policy as set forth in this Agreement. Provider shall provide Plume links to these items to be included in the App.
  • Plume Adaptive WiFi™: Using artificial intelligence, Plume’s Adaptive WiFi™ uses data from the local area network to optimize the location for maximum capacity and throughput to provide a better quality of service for consumer services utilizing the Wi-Fi network. Adaptive WiFi™ automatically identifies devices on the network, uses device information and limitations, running applications, time of day, interference, Wi-Fi bands, channels and other local area network data to provide a better Wi-Fi experience at the location.
  • Parental and Access Controls: Features that enable parents to monitor and control website access and protect kids online, including features to freeze internet instantly or on a schedule. Guest and device access can be controlled and managed via custom passwords.
  • Advanced Cyber Security: Plume AI Security provides customers with protection from security threats from both inside and outside of the home using enterprise grade URL and IP threat detection (“Level 1”) and application monitoring and anomaly detection service (“Level 2”). Advanced adblocking functionality is also included.
  • Plume Motion: WiFi enabled motion sensing that leverages existing WiFi devices in the home by capturing signals indicating movement within a home near a particular WiFi device. The service is built directly into the existing Plume app for additional peace of mind and available with deployment of SuperPods.