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The Office of Labor Relations fosters high-performing labor-management relationships through the use of collaborative and interest-based methods, that demonstrate the possibilities of effective labor-management partnership and confirm the value of the County's workforce.

Acting Chief Labor Relations Officer: Steven N. Blivess
Address: 101 Monroe Street, 12th floor, Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 240-777-5053

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Below you will find information concerning laws and regulations relating to unions, collective bargaining, and other labor relations regulations.
Notice for FY2021 CBA
Montgomery County Collective Bargaining Law
Fire and Rescue Collective Bargaining Law
Police Labor Relations Law
Some Basics about Unions

Management Guidance Bulletins

This information provides guidance to managers who oversee MCGEO employees on hot topics within the labor relations field. 


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Annual Leave
Notices to Employees
Employee Participation in Union Activities
Labor Management Relations Committees (LMRCs)

Conflict Facilitation Program (CFP)

Montgomery County-MCGEO Conflict Facilitation Program

Program aims to resolve conflicts, claims of unfairness or personal /personality /conduct issues between:
manager-employee, employee-employee, manager-manager


Conflict Facilitation Program, Article 52
Conflict Facilitation Operating Guidelines
Conflict Facilitation Request Form

Please send all completed Conflict Facilitation Request Forms to the Office of Human Resources, Labor and Employee Relations Team at: