Pre-Trial Services

            Community Corrections

Ivan Downing, Division Chief
11651 Nebel Street
Rockville, Maryland 20852

Telephone: (240) 773-4262
Hours : 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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Suicide Prevention

Pre-Release and Re-Entry Services​​​ (PRRS)

The Pre-Release and Re-Entry Services Division (PRRS) provides community-based residential and non-residential alternatives to secure confinement for sentenced adult offenders in which they engage in work, treatment, education, family involvement, and other services to prepare them for release. The program primarily serves inmates who are within one year of release and who are sentenced to DOCR. In addition, the program also provides re-entry services to Federal and State sentenced inmates and Federal probationers who are within six months of release and who are returning to Montgomery County and the greater Washington Metro area upon release. 

The residential program, located at the 171-bed Pre-Release Center, Rockville, has a capacity to serve individuals who live within the Center's one female and three male housing units. The non-residential Home Confinement program, allows 40-50 individuals to live in their homes, although they are required to report to the Pre-Release Center several times a week for drug testing and for meetings with counselors. ​

Pre-Trial Services Division (PTS)

The Pre-Trial Services Division (PTS) is responsible for assessing newly arrested defendants for the possibility of release from incarceration while awaiting trial and for follow throug​h while supervising those defendants safely in the Community. The PTS Division also supervises those defendants who are offered diversion from trial in return for satisfactorily completing a community service or substance abuse program. There are four independent programs within the Division: Pre-Trial Assessment Unit, Pre-Trial Supervision Unit, Alternative Community Service Program (ACS), and Intervention for Substance Abusers Program (IPSA). 

Assessment Unit​

The Assessment Unit is housed at the Montgomery County Detention Center and is responsible for assessing those who have been newly arrested and have been unable to make bond. Staff verif​​ies personal information, analyzes criminal histories, and formulates recommendations to the Court to enable the Judge t​​o make informed bond decisions. Recommendations are made with public safety as the main priority following the national models of assessment for the judicial system. 

Supervision Unit  ​

The Supervision Unit provides monitoring of Court ordered conditions to offenders released to the Community while awaiting trial. Advanced technology such as GPS tracking and Radio Frequency Curfew equipment are used to monitor offenders' movements in the community. Drug testing is also performed. Violations of release conditions are immediately reported to the Court for possible re-incarceration. 

Alternative Community Service (ACS)

The Montgomery County Alternative Community Services Program is a criminal justice diversion program for adult offenders who have committed offenses and infractions against individuals or the community and who perform community services as a sanction.  The primary mission of the program is to provide an alternative, meaningful and cost effective program in which offenders perform community service as a means to dispose of their criminal case, reduce financial impact to the court and the community.

Intervention Program for Substance Abusers (IPSA)

The IPSA program is a substance abuse and intervention strategy that provides diversion from prosecution for some individuals charged with minor crimes involving substance abuse. The IPSA program also offers Judges a sentencing option for offenders who have mild to moderate substance abuse problems and limited criminal histories.