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Community Advisory Committee PRRS (PRC/CART)

Contact : Ivan Downing, Division Chief | Telephone: (240) 773-4200
Address: 11651 Nebel Street, Rockville, Maryland 20852 
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Pre-Release Services (PRRS) is the community corrections program and facility for sentenced offenders preparing for re-entry. It is composed of a large community based pre-release/re-entry facility located in the White Flint area of Rockville/North Bethesda and the CART/Home Detention Program. CART staff are based at PRC and offenders reside throughout the region. The Community Advisory Committee was established in 1983 to focus on the following primary elements as community corrections established itself as a credible, high priority, and essential element of the county correctional system.

  • To maximize communication and coordination between staff of the PRRS division and members of the community;
  • To assist PRRS staff in ensuring that residents receive appropriate community based services that facilitate social and personal learning and re-entry planning;
  • To assist the PRRS staff in developing community understanding and awareness of the re-entry and community reintegration process;
  • To serve as an advocacy group to speak out as isolate problems or issues emerge and provide elected officials, the media, and community advocacy groups with additional information as situations and developments may warrant; and
  • Provide community perspective, advice, and guidance of correctional program development to the Chief of Pre-Release Services, the PRRS management team, and the total program in general.

These focus issues from 1983 with small amendments remain as valid today as they did in 1983. Community corrections and prisoner re-entry have finally found broader support in national, state, and local policy councils and the importance of an Advisory Committee takes on even greater efficacy as community based programs gain credibility in the larger community. Public safety aspects of community corrections are central to a quality effort and this must be added as a central commitment and focus of the Advisory Committee process. A copy of the  May 12, 1983 minutes (first meeting) is provided here so readers can receive an historical connection with the issues and the time.

The PRRS Community Advisory Committee meets four to five times each year in public session. The minutes are now posted on the county website so many more persons in the community can learn about the work of community corrections and so others may comment and participate in discussions of the work completed in this Division of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation. The meetings are held on Thursdays from  7:30 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. at the Pre-Release Center. A light breakfast will be served.

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