Administrative Support

This section performs Operating and Capital Accounting which involve tracking approximately 500 invoices on a monthly basis and coordinating review and payment of these invoices to ensure timely payment is made. This section also coordinates proper review of contracts within DFM and provides written correspondence to the County and Public as required.

Picture of accounting figures

Phone: 240-777-7777
Fax: 301-279-8100
Phone: 240-777-5363 Fax: 301-279-8100
Ardell Simmons, DFM Finance Manager
[email protected]
Phone: 240-777-5373 Fax: 301-279-8100
Anita Rowse, Administrative Assistant II
[email protected]
Phone: 240-777-5381 Fax: 301-279-8100
Natasha Harris, Administrative Assistant I
[email protected]
Phone: 240-777-7777 Fax: 301-279-8100
Andrew Lampe, Office Clerck
[email protected]