Property Management

The County is divided into seven areas. Each area has a Property Manager who is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance needs, requests, and requirements in each of their assigned Montgomery County areas. In addition, a Second Shift Property Manager Area 9 (Countywide from 2:30 PM to 11:00 PM) Anthony Ravello [email protected] handles the maintenance needs and requests in all seven of the areas after 4:00 P.M. Please call 240-777-7777 for any property management questions or issues.

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Area 9 covers Countywide and all Fire Stations  from 2:30 PM to 11:00 PM.
Property Management Areas Map Area 7 - Click to show more info. Area 6 - Click to show more info. Area 5 - Click to show more info. Area 4 - Click to show more info. Area 3 - Click to show more info. Area 2 - Click to show more info. Area 1 - Click to show more info.
Area 1 - Central Rockville
James Sawyer                      Prop. Mgr. II
[email protected]
Stacy Huges                         ELEC I
Nicholas Edmonston          HVAC II
Richard Horning                  HVAC I
Andrew Frantz                     HVAC I
Elizabeth Martinez              BSM
Tom Soileau                         PSCW
William Liberty                    PSCW
Area 2 - North Rockville to Germantown
Kevin Patterson   Prop. Mgr II
[email protected]
Bradley Moser     PSCW
Walter Ulrick        PSCW
Blanca Chivaria   Insp
Area 3 - Germantown to Damascus
Keith Powers              Prop. Mgr. II
[email protected]
Edwin Somarriba       Locksmith
Ronnie Robinson       PSCW
Osman Ruiz                PSCW II
Jimmy Kim                  PSCW
Area 4 West Rockville to Potomac
Mary Cameron          Prop. Mgr. II
[email protected]
Edgar Cornejo            PSCW
Trong Lee                    PSCW
Area 5 - South Rockville to Bethesda
Leslie Clark              Program Manager II
[email protected]
Alvin Boyds              INSP
Chris Payton            PSCW
Leonel Valenzuela   PSCW
Area 6 - Wheaton to Silver Spring
Adrian Casey              Prop. Mgr. II
[email protected]
Noel Collins                PSCW
Dwight Ravello           PSCW
Area 7 - East Rockville to Burtonsville
Bill Banks                    Prop. Mgr. II
[email protected]
Raphael Massey        PSCW
Chi Tang                      PSCW
Anthony Dorsey         PSCW
Area 8 -  Countywide and All Fire Stations from:
Anthony Ravello         Prop. Mgr. II
[email protected]
Henry Vanegas           PSCW
Facilities Leasing - 
Denise Wade   Program Manager II
[email protected]
Central Shop @ 1301 Seven Locks Road
Chris Moore                     Prop. Mgr. II
[email protected]
Mathew Lozupone          Locksmith
Saeed Abduljabar            Elec I
Steven C. Boyer                Elec I
Raphael Cuevas                HVAC II
Marco A. Gastanega         HVAC II
Charles A. Gordon            HVAC II
Donald J. Hensley             HVAC II
Deuk Kim                           HVAC II
Joeph E. Lewis                   HVAC II
Carl S. Maxim                    HVAC I
Franklin Coca-Soro           HVAC I
Michael Pelton                  HVAC II
Pedro A. Mendez              HVAC I
Mohammed Camara        HVAC i
Mesfin Tikaye                    HVAC I
Marlon Gutierrez              HVAC I
Lawrence A Shemer         Elec II
Karleyun Tibbs                  Elec II
Anthoney C. Zavage         Elec I
Gay Gulli                            Elec I