About Us

Ensure that Montgomery County government operations protect the environment, conserve resources, and integrate sustainability into decision-making at every level.


  • Achieved carbon neutrality of County government operations since FY2016 through a combination of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and offsets.
  • Montgomery County is the 4th largest purchaser of clean energy amongst local governments and 31th among all major organizations tracked by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership.
  • Increasing the County’s resiliency to major storms and disasters by installing clean energy microgrids at key public safety facilities, including completed projects at Public Safety Headquarters and the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.
  • Installed 7.6 megawatts of solar on County buildings producing enough energy to power more than 800 single family homes annually and expected to save the County $10 million in electricity costs over 20 years.
  • County buildings are powered 100% by clean solar and wind.
  • Energy efficiency and other cost saving projects since 2013 resulting in over $1.5 million in savings annually, expected to save over $65 million over the next 20 years.
  • Download the FY2019 Green Government Report detailing our progress and accomplishments in reducing the County’s carbon footprint.

What We Do

The Office of Energy and Sustainability oversees the overall greening of government operations across all County departments. OES coordinates green government initiatives, including:

Strategic Energy Planning

Montgomery County uses the latest technology, innovative financing, and data analysis to maximize the energy efficiency of its buildings. A vast majority of the County’s 400 facilities need substantial improvements to the systems that would provide increased energy efficiency and occupant comfort. To maximize financial resources, the County developed methodology and new analytical tools to identify projects that are the best candidates for energy retrofits and the best approach to completing them. This methodology merges energy consumption data, utility costs, maintenance logs and other information to identify key energy project opportunities.

Low/No Cost Energy Efficiency Projects

OES plans and pilots projects to reduce energy and water consumption in County facilities. These low/no cost projects range from installing faucet aerators in facility bathrooms to planning the most efficient operating hours to lower energy costs. For example, faucet aerators recently installed in the Executive Office Building will save approximately $15,000 per year in water cost savings.

Capital Advanced Energy Projects

OES develops and implements major capital projects to produce clean and low emissions energy and enhance the resiliency of public facilities and operations. Projects include County solar arrays, CHP systems and microgrids. The installation of 7.6 megawatts of solar on County facilities has the capacity to produce electricity for more than 800 single family homes annually and is expected to save $10 million in electricity costs over the next 20 years. Installation of low emissions energy microgrids at key public facilities including Public Safety Headquarters and Montgomery County Correctional Facility has enhanced the County’s resiliency. These microgrids generate cleaner energy on-site, enable the facilities to operate independently of the electricity grid.

Transparency and Outreach

Our Annual Green Government report overviews the County’s progress at the forefront of sustainability and innovation, encompassing the collective efforts of all County departments. OES reports on the energy usage and costs of public facilities, the performance of clean energy production at County facilities, such as the solar projects, and outcomes of energy efficiency projects. Additionally, County leadership leads presentations at high-profile conferences over the course of the year to share information and lessons learned about renewable energy, improving resiliency of County facilities, and financing major energy projects.

Support and Expertise

OES provides support and expertise to enable DGS Divisions and our partners across the County government to adopt sustainable practices, prioritize energy and cost-saving projects, obtain funding, and communicate successes.

Financial Stewardship

Innovative Funding

OES searches for, identifies and applies for grants and incentives for clean energy and energy saving projects in County facilities. Cumulative grants and incentives since FY2013 have resulted in over $3 million dollars leveraged for County energy projects with several million more expected in the next few years.

Energy Purchasing

Montgomery County is the 4th largest purchaser of clean energy amongst local governments and 31st among all major organizations tracked by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership.

Utility Bill Processing

OES processes and pays over 14,000 utility bills for over 400 County facilities, as well as streetlights and traffic signals, per year. Utility bill information is analyzed for errors and OES recovers funds from billing mistakes and contractor use during building construction. Billing error recovery from electric, gas and water/ sewer utilities resulted in over $300,000 in savings in FY2018.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Ten National Association of Counties (NACo) awards for sustainability initiatives since FY14, including awards for Montgomery County Microgrid Projects and Continuous Energy Improvement Program in FY18.
  • Six consecutive Alliance for Workplace Excellence Eco-Leadership awards.
  • Smart Energy Community Designation from the Maryland Energy Administration.

How to Contact Us

Office of Energy and Sustainability
Department of General Services
101 Monroe Street, 9th Floor
Rockville, MD 20850
[email protected]