Bethesda Facility Improvements Phase 1b

On or about Thursday, February 25, 2021, Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) will begin modernizing the payment systems at Waverly Garage (Garage 47) in Bethesda. The existing single space meters were removed and replaced with centralized pay stations. The new parking system is pay by space which operates like single space meters where customers estimate their duration and prepay prior to leaving for their destination. The hours of operations, rates, durations and PCS status will remain the same.

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Benefits of New Parking Payment System

  • Provides more payment options for parking customers, including coins, bills ($1 and $5 only), credit cards and Pay by Cell . Please note Pay Stations do not give change.
  • Pay by Cell option allows for impending expiration reminders and the ability to add or stop time remotely.
  • Ability to pay for parking or add time to any of the conveniently located pay stations.

How to use Pay by Cell

  • Follow these steps to initiate a session using the Parkmobile app:
  1. Enter your facility's three digit location zone number (e.g. 347). The location zone number can be found on signs throughout the facility.
  2. Scroll and select Montgomery County, MD.
  3. Enter your four digit space number located on the sign adjacent to your parking space.
  4. Begin session.

Proposed Meters

Download Map (pdf)

Video guides to using the new pay stations

  • Making a short-term payment, click here .
  • Making a long-term payment wherein pay station calculates duration for you, click here .
  • Choosing your long-term duration and pay station calculates payment for you, click here .
  • Paying for multiple days (if permitted), click here .