The Board of Appeals is currently holding all proceedings IN PERSON in the Davidson Memorial Hearing Room, located on the second floor of the Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850.

Staff posts the Board’s Agendas and all supporting materials received as of the time of posting for the following week’s proceedings on the Board’s “Agendas, Exhibits and Other Materials” webpage no later than cob Friday of the week before the proceedings. Attorneys and others appearing before the Board are asked to familiarize themselves with these postings, including the Board’s exhibit numbering and, for ease of reference, the page number in the pdf posting that corresponds to any exhibits you intend to reference during the proceedings.  Please contact us at or 240-777-6600 if you have any questions.

CURRENT OFFICE OPERATIONS AND FILING INSTRUCTIONS: If you need to visit our office for document drop-off, sign pickup, file research, or another reason, please email our staff at to schedule an appointment. We generally schedule appointments for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please note that in light of the efficiencies realized during the pandemic, the Board now requires that all submissions be dual-filed (electronic and hard copy). The attached Notice contains appointment information and hours, as well as up-to-date filing instructions.

Note: Except as otherwise required by the Zoning Ordinance or other law, all supporting materials for scheduled hearing and Worksession items must be sent to the mailbox no later than noon on the Tuesday of the week before the scheduled proceeding date to ensure inclusion.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Board of Appeals is to assist the public in understanding, and to hear and decide, in a quasi-judicial setting, inquiries and applications that arise mainly under Chapter 59 of the Montgomery County Code, but also under various other Code Sections, for variances, administrative appeals of certain decisions of County agencies, and for oral argument on conditional use decisions or modification of special exceptions.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board

The Board of Appeals has authority to hear and decide cases involving certain land use issues, including modification of special exceptions filed or decided before October 30, 2014, and variances from the development standards or other requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. The Board also hears and decides Administrative Appeals from actions by the County government (as specified by the County Code). The Board applies the Zoning Ordinance Standards applicable to all such cases. The Board has County-wide jurisdiction, except for the municipal corporations of Brookeville, Poolesville, Laytonsville, Rockville, Barnesville, Gaithersburg and Washington Grove.

Links to Applicable Codes:


2023 Opinions

Opinion Date Petitioner/s Case No.
1/20/23 Jose Gomez-Garcia A-6783
2/3/23 Tilmon Smith for TDS Properties, LLC A-6785
3/3/23 Tilmon Smith For TDS Properties, LLC A-6785-A
2/10/23 Jessica Cronin A-6784
2/10/23 Thomas Quispe A-6788
2/15/23 Victor and Maria Fernandes A-6786
2/17/23 Luis O. Gonzalez A-6787
2/17/23 Derek Sharp A-6790
2/24/23 Laura Hudson A-6789
2/24/23 Michael Sindall A-6791
3/3/23 Frank and Bonnie Lloyd A-6793
3/15/23 Giselle Guimaraes and Thiago Ferreira A-6796
3/31/23 Joshua and Lindsay Frankel A-6805
4/12/23 Keith and Lynn Voight A-6800
4/12/23 Joshua Burgess A-6803
4/19/23 Adam and Reema Brixius A-6798
4/19/23 Mark Glander A-6799
4/21/23 David Daily and Julia Sampson A-6802
4/26/23 Linda Tipton and Sean Tipton A-6804
5/3/23 Bertrand Tzeng and Gena Lai A-6801
5/3/23 Michael Koempel and Dianne Hunt A-6806
5/10/23 Mark Faulkner A-6781
5/10/23 Claire Olszewski A-6807
5/12/23 Brett and Jennifer Howard A-6808
5/31/23 Anne K. Rzeszut A-6794
6/2/23 Jacob Denney A-6810
6/7/23 Kathleen Legg and Rajib Chanda A-6811
6/9/23 Dustin Maghamfar and Laura Belazis A-6813
6/14/23 Bin Zhang A-6814
6/21/23 Brooke Grove Foundation Inc. A-6815
7/14/23 Fran Kensky A-6816
7/20/23 Amparito Bueco Figueroa and Brayan Figueroa A-6820
7/26/23 Dirk and Anita Burgdorf A-6818
8/2/23 David and Jennifer Tygielski A-6819
9/15/23 Farzin Biglarbeigi A-6822
9/15/23 Ryan Murray and Camille Murray A-6827
9/20/23 Andrew Tweeter A-6797