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Green Buildings

All new County government buildings over 10,000 square feet are designed and constructed to achieve a minimum of LEED Silver.
Achieved! The County has built 4 LEED Silver and 10 LEED Gold buildings since 2008.

About Montgomery County’s Green Buildings

Buildings provide an enormous opportunity to conserve resources and protect our environment. They account for 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions because we need a lot of energy to heat, cool, and light them. The County’s Department of General Services, Division of Building Design and Construction, builds or retrofits approximately a dozen buildings each year. The County designs new buildings to achieve a minimum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification of Silver, with many buildings achieving a LEED Gold rating. We also always seek opportunities to improve energy efficiency and water conservation in older buildings.

Montgomery County incorporates a number of unique design elements to minimize environmental impacts of buildings. These often include:

Featured Buildings

White Oak Community Center

Geothermal heating and cooling saves energy by harnessing the constant 55-degree temperature underground, green vegetative roofs and porous pavement reduces flooding and pollution to nearby streams, and large windows provide natural light. Find out more about the center and its public programs and activities.

Equipment Maintenance and Transit Operations Center

4 acres of green roof maximizes on-site rain water treatment. The facility also includes an impressive water recycling system that allows for re-use of 80% of the water used to wash buses – conserving water and saving money. Solar panels and solar lighting on the parking garage round out the facility’s green features. Watch a behind-the-scenes tour or read more about the building.

North Potomac Recreation Center

This facility makes fantastic use of natural light with windows and skylights throughout all of the meeting rooms, social halls, hallways, gyms, and art studios. Highly efficient LED fixtures provide additional lighting when needed. The building also features extensive green roofs and rain gardens, a highly efficient heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system and the use of state-of-the-art healthy and safe materials for playgrounds and fields. See more photos and additional information about the project.

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