Internship Opportunities

Our mission is to serve the public interest through fair and honest administration of justice by exercising responsibilities to: prosecute criminal violations in Montgomery County; educate the public on criminal-justice issues; train lawyers for future service; address inequality and promote fairness in the criminal justice system; insure access to the criminal justice system; promote professional relations with judges and attorneys; and further the efficient use of criminal justic resources.

All Divisions of the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office are located in Rockville, MD.

High School Interns

Students from local high schools are assigned to support staff and/or attorneys working in the District Court, Juvenile Court or Circuit Court units of the office. The students' responsibilities may include: pulling case files and helping with the preparation of a Court docket, upkeep of files, scanning, and looking up court information for new cases. The student may also on occasion be asked to listen to a 9-1-1 tape, or inmate calls, or observe police body cam videos.

Undergraduate Interns

As a Victim/Witness Coordinator, the undergraduate college student acts as a liaison between victims and State's witnesses, and the prosecuting attorney. The intern is assigned a particular day in court, and each week is responsible for pulling the files in preparation for that court day. The intern also contacts the State's victims and witnesses regarding their court appearance and answers any questions they may have.On occasion, the intern seeks to find those witnesses who have not been subpoenaed, but are necessary for the successful prosecution of the case. In court, the Coordinator keeps the prosecuting attorney abreast of the status of the witnesses, and communicates with the victims and witnesses - explaining the status of their case.

Spring Semester (January - May): Resume deadline is November 1 and the internship begins in January.

Summer Intern Program (June - August): Resume deadline is March 1 and the internship begins in June.

Fall Semester (September - December): Resume deadline is July 1 and the internship begins in September.


Submit Application via email to Kim Campbell


Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Law Interns have the unique opportunity to receive two hands-on experiences in the preparation of the prosecution of criminal cases in either our District Court Division or our Circuit Court Division. Each Division has a limited number of placements for non-salaried legal interns, which are offered in the summer and during the academic year. We accept applications year-round and interview candidates on a rolling basis.

District Court Screening Division Interns plays a critical role in preparing (screening) and assisting Assistant State's Attorneys in the District Court with misdemeanor criminal cases. The intern is a bridge between the citizens and the legal system, to educate the community to better understand the workings of the criminal justice system, and assist citizens to more effectively utilize the legal system to achieve justice. In addition to screening cases, Law School Interns provide assistance to our Assistant State’s Attorneys in the courtroom once a week.

Circuit Court Division Interns will perform various duties in specialized divisions. The divisions include Felony, Gang, Special Victims Division, Special Prosecutions, and Juvenile.

Post Law School Graduate Fellowship Program

The State's Attorney's Office for Montgomery County offers one year fellowships, which afford Post Law School Graduates an opportunity to research, write, receive mentoring, courtroom exposure, and experience the atmosphere of a prosecution office. Requirements:

  • JD Graduate
  • Unpaid Position
  • Truancy Prevention Program Participation
  • Reliable Transportation

Applicant may or may not secure their own funding. The State's Attorney's Office for Montgomery County is unable to remit funds directly to the applicant.

Spring Semester (January - April): Resume deadline is November 1 and the internship begins in January.

Summer Intern Program (May - August): Resume deadline is February 1 and the internship begins in May.

Fall Semester (August - December): Resume deadline is July 1 and the internship begins in August.

Submit Application via email to Margaret Freiss


All Applicants (High school, Undergraduate, and Law School Students) must submit a cover letter including what semester they are interested in and their resume. If interested in a Law Intern Circuit Court Position, please also submit a writing sample. All persons selected for an interview maybe asked for references and must submit to a pre-employment background check.