Victim Information

Just as you have rights to receive certain information about the criminal investigation, you also have rights to receive certain information about the prosecution of your case.

These rights include:

The right to be notified of, and to be present at all court hearings.

The right to be heard at sentencing through the submission of a written Victim Impact Statement and/or by speaking directly to the court to tell the physical, financial, and psychological impact this crime has had on you and/or your family; and

The right to request restitution (payment of certain crime-related costs) from the defendant if the defendant is found or pleads guilty.

Please follow these links to find helpful information for victims:

State of Maryland case search can be found here.

Prosecutors coordinate with school administrators and local law enforcement to identify problems before they manifest adverse consequences. Specialized prosecutions, such as domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse are also pursued by community prosecution teams, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the State’s Ability to successfully prosecute those crimes.

As a result of Community Prosecution, the State’s Attorney’s Office is now part of an integrated and proactive law enforcement unit, where prosecutors operate outside of the courtroom environment bringing effective crime fighting solutions and increased security to Montgomery County’s residents.