Recruiting Volunteer Groups 

We get lots of requests from corporate groups, faith groups, youth groups and others looking for opportunities to volunteer and host their own service projects. Agencies on our website are encouraged to post "Opportunities" that specifically recruit groups and explain how they can work with your organization to plan a project that not only helps the organization, but teaches the group how they can become future volunteers and donors. 

Group projects should not just be a "feel good" occasion for the volunteers. There should be a lasting impact to your organization, not only the work completed, but also the supporters gained to provide ongoing advocates and donors.  

- Don't wait to post opportunities for groups until you have a specific date in mind... we love to see titles like "We Can Plan A Project for Your Group"! You can still work with groups to plan projects at times that work for you, but posting an opportunity that has a title obviously targeting groups opens your organization to corporate groups and others that want to make a difference. 

- Don't be afraid to plan projects that ask groups to pay for the costs of materials. "Plan a Holiday Party for Our Residents" can include the types of materials you'd want a group to bring.  It's fine to say that you'll plan projects only if groups can cover the costs and bring the materials. 
- Does your agency already have a plan to engage corporate groups as donors as well as volunteers? Take what's on your own website for how groups can make a difference and add specific opportunities to your account on the Volunteer Center website to appeal to groups so they can find you on our site. 

- A collection drive is a group project. Ask a group to collect needed items and deliver - and be creative about what additional items they could make and bring along, cards or bookmarks or other hands-on crafts that gives them a chance to involve some volunteer time with their collection. And the tour they get of your site when delivering is often a great way to build ongoing supporters and donors! 

- Include details in the description field like:

  • the minimum and maximum size groups you can accommodate. 
  • whether projects can happen weekdays, evenings and/or weekends.  That is one of the important criteria for many groups in planning and unfortunately there is no search filter on our website to filter for this, so it's great to see it written in the description. 
- When you post opportunities for groups be sure to check the box "Allow Group Registration" so it'll come up in search filters for groups! Use the check box to indicate whether it's "outdoors" also, that's another important question for groups looking for indoor or outdoor projects. 

See some examples of the kinds of group projects we'd love to see agencies add: 
Join or Organize Your Own Park or Stream Cleanup Project by Montgomery Parks
Businesses - Do your employees have "Canal Pride"? by C&O Canal Trust
Help Homeless Neighbors in Montgomery County! (for individuals, groups, kids, and teens) by Bethesda Cares
Prepare & Package Meals & Groceries by Food & Friends
Friends in Action Family Mentor Teams by Interfaith Works



Contact us at 240-777-2600 or [email protected] so we can help you figure out the best way to post group opportunities that work for your organization!