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Cable Compliance Commission

I am very pleased that the County stepped in to help me. They had the problem resolved within days....

Mary, Derwood, MD


The Cable Compliance Commission adjudicates subscriber complaints involving customer cable service or any other product or service.


The Cable Compliance Commission (CCC) was formed through the establishment of Montgomery County Code 8A-31A. The CCC adjudicates subscriber complaints involving customer cable tv service.


The Commission is comprised of 5 voting members appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. Three year terms - no compensation. During the initial term, two members will be appointed for two year terms. If the County Cable Office cannot resolve the complaint with the cable company, to the customer's satisfaction, in 30 days you can request a hearing. The Commissioners annually must elect a chair and vice chair of the Commission. An individual must not serve more than 2 consecutive terms as chair.

  • Melanie Johnson
  • Gregory Maydan - Chair
  • Deval Mehta
  • Nicholas Orechwa
  • Vikram Pant
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