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Frequently Asked Questions
Inspection Images
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The County offers on-site inspections to assist consumers with cable equipment located in yards and throughout neighborhoods.  The County can help determine which company is performing construction in your neighborhood, offer to talk to construction crews on the homeowner’s behalf, and work with the cable provider to ensure proper restoration of damage caused by the construction.
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To assist with resolution of a construction issue, the following information is necessary:
• Name
• Address of person filing the complaint
• Daytime Contact Phone
• Address or location of the construction issue
• Description of problem (e.g., unrepaired damage to yard, wires or other construction materials left behind, want to know what company is performing construction in my neighborhood and for what purpose, construction left unfinished for longer than 30 days, such as temporary cables left on ground, damage cable provider equipment, hanging wires, damage to sprinkler systems or electronic animal fences, etc.)
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A Look Inside

Within a Pedistle

Most consumers will never see this -- the inner-working of a pedistle.

Home Interface Box

Needs a Little Work

This box is should be covered and attached to the outer wall of the house.

Newer pedesta Covering

Work in Progress

This is a rarely seen view of a pedestal that is still being installed with its wiring. Once that is done, the cover will fit correctly. This is usually during new construction or a pedestal replacement and is rarely seen.

Broken Pedestal

Example of a Broken and/or Open Pedestal

an example of an opened or damaged pedestal that needs to be corrected. This is what is typically seen when a pedestal is open or damaged.

Large Wire Spool

Construction in Progress

This area has begun construction, but has not reached completion. The cable on the spool will eventually run underground. This is construction in progress.

Got Questions
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