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About us

Our mission

Montgomery County Public Libraries offers free and equal access to services and resources that connect the people of Montgomery County to ideas and information which sustain and enrich their lives.

Our vision

Our diverse community of lifelong learners finds Montgomery County Public Libraries to be an open, inviting and vital gateway to the information, ideas and enrichment that strengthens our County. A diverse, highly qualified staff continually assesses community needs and interests to support, encourage and inspire our customers.

Our values

Montgomery County Public Libraries believes in the right of all to learn and to grow. We value intellectual freedom, accountability, quality service, diversity, fairness, professional ethics, integrity of information and respect for our customers, our community, and ourselves. We are a learning organization that functions openly by exploring new ideas and using the collective talent, knowledge, and creativity of employees at all levels.

Our key results

  • 1. The library system will provide Montgomery County residents with the current, accurate information that they need for work, school or personal interests.
  • 2. The library system will provide Montgomery County residents with the library materials and resources they want when they want them.
  • 3. The library system will provide resources to help preschool children develop skills needed to enter school ready to learn.
  • 4. The library system will provide quality customer service to all Montgomery County residents.
  • 5. The library system will operate in an efficient and effective manner.

Strategic Plan FY2013–2016

Strategic Plan FY2017–2020 coming November 2016.

Reports and Documents

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