Volunteer at MCPL

Volunteers are a vital part of the library team. There are many critical operations which volunteers perform that allow the staff to assist library users. Generally, volunteers do not work directly with the public.

Become A Volunteer

Volunteers must be 13 years old or have completed 8th grade. The minimum age may be waived for particular volunteer assignments that might be suitable to children.

  • Call the branch where you wish to volunteer to see if positions are available.
  • Fill out an application (PDF) and bring it to the branch where you wish to volunteer.
  • Meet and interview with the library Volunteer Coordinator.

We aim to match your skills, interests, experience, service preferences, and availability to our volunteer needs, placing you as soon as possible to meet our needs and yours. Both short-term and long-term assignments are available. Volunteer hours per week vary, depending on library needs and your available time.

Cooperative Volunteer Programs

We place many volunteers in cooperation with other agencies and organizations.

  • Student Service Learning (SSL) Program Volunteers - Young people and high school students can volunteer in order to fulfill community service requirements for high school graduation. To apply, complete the volunteer application above, and submit it at your local library.
  • Cooperative Recruitment Programs - Montgomery County Public Libraries cooperates with various volunteer agencies serving as recruitment and placement centers, such as the Montgomery County Volunteer Center, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, and the Alternative Community Services program.

Volunteer advisory groups

In addition to giving your time as an individual to your local branch, you can contribute your time to an advisory group.

County Library Board

The thirteen-member County Library Board inquires into all matters affecting the library system and makes recommendations to the County Executive either directly or through the MCPL Director.

  • Twelve of the members are appointed by the County Executive and approved by the Council.
  • The thirteenth member is appointed by the Board of Education.
  • Each Board member is assigned two or three libraries and attends the meetings of those local Library Advisory Committees.
  • The Director serves as Secretary to the Library Board and provides clerical support with the Director's administrative office staff.

Library Advisory Committees

Each library has a Library Advisory Committee of three to sixteen members, designated by the County Library Board to represent that library's service area. These committees:

  • Advise the local library manager, the Library Board, and the County Executive concerning the library needs in the area that they represent;
  • Suggest overall improvements to the County library system;
  • Make recommendations concerning Board membership.

LAC members serve up to two three-year terms. Membership must be approved by the Library Board. Apply for nomination to a Library Advisory Committee (PDF).

Friends of the Library - Montgomery County, MD

The purpose of Friends of the Library, Montgomery County, MD, Inc. is to support public library service in Montgomery County, Maryland by:

  • assisting the library in its public information activities;
  • cooperating with the work of the Montgomery County Library Board and the local library advisory committees;
  • encouraging gifts, memorials, and endowments for the benefit of library service;
  • supporting fundraising efforts for special purposes;
  • sponsoring community events and/or activities;
  • creating opportunities for citizens to volunteer their assistance.

FOLMC is a separate organization from MCPL. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, visit: https://www.folmc.org/support/volunteer-with-us/

Membership at various levels is open to individuals, families, and corporations. Visit: https://www.folmc.org/join/

Contact Us

For questions about volunteering, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at your local branch.