Facility Planning and Site Selection

The Department of General Services is responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of County facilities, including County office buildings and warehouses, police and fire stations, libraries, recreation centers and any other facilities under the control of the Executive Branch of County government.

Before any planning for the facility can begin, a project must have County Council approval and the potential user of the facility must meet readiness criteria. The project must be included in the Capital Improvements Program. The next step is to create a Program of Requirements (POR), which is completed before any sites are considered. The POR outlines the specifications of the new facility, including the size and function of specific spaces, building systems and finishes, as well as adjacencies. This document is a collaboration between OPD, DGS’ Division of Building Design and Construction and the County department the facility is for. The final version of the POR must receive approval from the County’s Office of Management and Budget.

When the POR is approved, staff can begin researching potential sites for the facility. Site evaluation is the responsibility of the Office of Planning and Development. In administering the site evaluation process, OPD coordinates the interests of the user department, the applicable Regional Services Center Director, the Office of Management and Budget, the public and affected outside agencies.

OPD is currently working on:

Western County Recreation Center

In early 2024 the Office of Planning and Development completed a Program of Requirements (POR) for a new multi-use community facility in Poolesville to serve Western Montgomery County. In conjunction with representatives from the Town of Poolesville and surrounding areas, OPD examined what gaps exist in public services and spaces in the Western area of the county. The POR is a text document that outlines what uses will be included in the building to help fill those gaps, the appropriate size of the building and specific rooms, and building systems and finishes. The Western County Recreation Center is included as one of the projects funded for facility planning in the County’s Fiscal Years 2023-2028 Capital Improvements Program. The facility, which is planned to include recreation and health and human services uses, was included in the County Executive’s recommended FY25-30 Capital Improvements Program.  The next step will be site selection, which will be coordinated with the Town of Poolesville.

Completed Facility Planning and Site Selection Projects

260 East Jefferson Acquisition

OPD managed the acquisition of 260 East Jefferson Street, Rockville. The property is strategically located in the Rockville Core adjacent to the Executive Office Building and will be incorporated into the County’s plans as it continues to evaluate its current and future space needs in leased space in the Core and throughout the County. The acquisition of the property provides opportunity for consolidation of the some of the County’s leases. In the short-term, the Department of Transportation intends to locate public customer service functions in the building.

Reacquisition of Former Larchmont Elementary School

Montgomery County exercised its Right of First Refusal to reacquire the former Larchmont Elementary School located at 9411 Connecticut Avenue in Kensington. The property was first leased to Grace Episcopal Church in 1983 for use as a private school. In 1999, the County sold the property to Grace Episcopal Church. OPD worked on behalf of the County to negotiate mutually acceptable terms between the County and Grace Episcopal Church and managed the sale of the property to the County in September 2021. OPD continues to monitor and approve capital improvements funded through an escrow account established at closing.

11600 Nebel Street

As part of its commitment to provide services to individuals experiencing homelessness, Montgomery County acquired an office building on a 1.25-acre property in White Flint. The building interior will be converted to an emergency shelter with approximately 200 beds, operated by the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (MCCH). The property is strategically located in the dense Rockville Pike corridor, and is within walking distance of the White Flint Metro Station, which will allow convenient pedestrian access to the facility. OPD managed the acquisition process, including site due diligence, environmental analysis and a property appraisal and was involved in contract negotiations. Acquisition was completed in May 2021 and the new shelter opened March 2022.

Olney Town Commons

The Olney Master Plan calls for a public space in the town center area of Olney. OPD is facility planning for an outdoor town commons in Olney in conjunction with an architecture consultant and various community groups.

The December 2017 Olney Town Commons Planning Report includes various size and amenity recommendations for this future facility. The recommendations in the report were informed by focus groups with different Olney community organizations, a public Olney Town Commons Planning Forum held at the Olney Library during Olney Days 2017, and feedback from an online survey.

You can review the report here . If you have any comments or questions about the report, please email us.

Parcel 888

Montgomery County purchased two properties in 2010 for the purposes of constructing a permanent Clarksburg Fire Station #35 (FS #35), currently housed in leased space. The 10 Mile Creek Area Limited Amendment, adopted in 2014, strongly encouraged the County to find an alternative site for the new FS #35. DGS carefully considered various sites inside and outside the 10 Mile Creek watershed, including both undeveloped and developed properties, with input from Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services and community representatives. Parcel 888 was for sale during the site selection process, and the County ultimately determined that purchasing Parcel 888 and adding its acreage to the properties already purchased for a new station would drastically decrease the overall imperviousness of the project, meeting the goals of reducing imperviousness in the 10 Mile Creek watershed. OPD negotiated and managed the acquisition of Parcel 888. Click here to learn more about the FS #35 construction project.