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Walk Safe™ Keeping Pedestrians Safe in the “Danger Zone”

Walk Safe!™ is a 24-minute English language instructional video designed to teach pedestrian safety concepts. It was developed for use in ESOL classes and other instructional venues where English is taught at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. It may also be used in classes for young adults who are not necessarily ESOL students. And since everyone is a pedestrian at least some of the time, the concepts in this video are useful for anyone who crosses the road anywhere, anytime.

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The video has five modules, each of which can be downloaded and viewed individually, or the video can be viewed in its entirety:

Pedestrian Safety Public Service Announcements:

Walk Safe!™ is a trademark of the University of Miami.
© 2008 by Montgomery County, Maryland, Office of Public Information All rights reserved. This video was developed as an educational tool to teach pedestrian safety concepts. It may be downloaded under a limited license for educational and non-commercial services. It may not be downloaded or distributed for sale

Tools and Resources for Teachers 

These downloadable tools will help you teach the pedestrian safety concepts in the Walk Safe™ video:

Teacher’s Guide (pdf) Vocabulary lists, suggested activities and comprehension checks for use with the Walk Safe™ video


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