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Program Updates

Heads Up, Phones Down Video Contest

Students, enter the Heads Up, Phones Down video contest about Pedestrian Safety, and you could win prizes including an PS5 and SSL hours! See contest details here.

Walktober Outreach

With support from our partners, we were able to reach 7,000 pepole in our efforts to raise awareness and promote pedestrian safety to Montgomery County Residents.

Vision Zero Ambassador Program - Pedestrian Safety Art Contest Winners Announced

We were very impressed by all the entries, as well as the hard work put in by Ambassadors

How to Use HAWK Signals

DTEO Director Michael Paylor explains the new beacon installed at Summit Ave and Brookfield Drive in Kensington, Maryland

Take the Pledge for Safety

Pledge to be safe while walking, biking, or driving in and around Montgomery County.


Programs and Projects

As an ongoing commitment to the safety of Montgomery County residents, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation administers a variety of pedestrian and traffic programs aimed at educating students, bikers, and residents of Montgomery County on the importance of transportation safety and awareness.


Improving Safety in Montgomery County

By combining the three E's of pedestrian safety - Engineering, Education, and Enforcement - MCDOT is implementing engineering improvements on county roadways, public education campaigns, and targeted enforcement of traffic laws. These efforts have shown signs of reducing the frequency and severity of pedestrian collisions.

How We Work with VisionZero

Vision Zero roadway safety program seeks to eliminate and reduce pedestrian-related collision and fatalities to zero (0), by 2030. The program focuses on introducing a safe systems approach to education and training, improving the engineering of infrastructure for high-injury area, maintenance of quick-action traffic incident response, traffic safety enforcement, and state policy safety plans.