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What is the Pedestrian Safety Art Contest?

Montgomery County Safe Routes to School Program is hosting its annual Pedestrian Safety Art Contest to raise awareness about pedestrian safety with school aged children. Students are encouraged to use their creative thinking and unique artwork to educate themselves and others about pedestrian safety. The goal of the contest is to educate students about this important topic and encourage them to practice safe behaviors while walking to and from school. Winning artwork should reflect the best ways to stay safe and things to avoid while walking. It should also highlight road safety measures.

What is a pedestrian? Why is pedestrian safety important?

A pedestrian is anyone who is walking on a road or developed area. Anyone traveling on foot is considered a pedestrian. If you walk to school, to the store, the park, or to a friend's house you are a pedestrian too! Pedestrians are encouraged to make safe choices while walking, such as using the crosswalk, looking 3 ways before crossing, waiting for the walk signal and wearing bright and reflective clothing at night. Practicing safe behavior while walking can save your life and have a positive impact impact on safety in your community.

Prize Information

K - 3rd Grade Prizes

$75 Barnes & Noble gift card

$50 Barnes & Noble gift card

$25 Barnes & Noble gift card

4 - 5th Grade Prizes

$75 Amazon gift card

$50 Amazon gift card

$25 Amazon gift card

Shout out (with parent permission) + certificates too for every winner.

The winners will be announced on this website and through email on Monday, May 22nd; you will be emailed if you won any prizes.


  • Eligibility - The contest is open to all Montgomery County elementary school students (K-5)
  • You must submit your work by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 30, 2023
  • The artwork must be about pedestrian safety, rules of the road and what safe streets look like
  • You must complete a submission form, which includes a picture of your artwork and a 3 - 5 sentence written reflection about what you learned about pedestrian safety (learning resources above)
  • Only one entry allowed per student
  • No copyrighted art / logos are allowed. Your artwork should be original.
Picture of Zeal the Ped Safety mascot

Looking for inspiration? Check out the 2022 Contest Winners!

Contact us with questions

If you have any questions, email srts@montgomerycountymd.gov