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Transmission Facilities Coordination Group

Tower Committee Members

The Tower Committee is composed of representatives from relevant land owning and land use agencies to review all telecommunications facilities and antenna siting requests. The Committee meets once a month on the first Wednesday of the month, with industry reps in attendance to review and make recommendations on all applications. Meetings are open to the public. These meetings are not public forums and do not allow for public comment.

Members of the Tower Committee

Marjorie Williams, Chair

Department of Technology Services, Office of Cable and Broadband Services | (240) 777-3762

Boyd Lawrence

Montgomery County Public Schools | (240) 314-1071

Patricia Wolford

Department of Permitting Services | (240) 777-6245

Jennifer Nordin

Office of Management and Budget | (240) 777-2779

Martin Rookard

WSSC | (301) 206-8979

Gregory Russ

Montgomery County Planning Department | (301) 495-2174

Max Stuckey

Department of Technology Services - Public Safety Radio| (240) 777-2933

Thomas Williamson

Department of General Services | (240) 777-6076

Tower Coordinator and Engineering Staff

Jay O'Neill

TFCG Coordinator, Communications and Public Safety Subject Matter Expert

Andrew Afflerbach

Director of Engineering, P.E.

Lee Afflerbach

Subject Matter Expert, Principal Engineer, P.E

Shawn Thompson

Principal Engineer, Wireless Networking Subject Matter Expert


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