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Cable Communications Advisory Committee (CCAC)


Coming in early December 2017,  Comcast will launch up to 42 international channels and up to 30 new international packages. Xfinity TV customers who would like to purchase these new international offerings will need the necessary equipment to access this cable programming, e.g. X1 or the Xfinity Beta App on Roku. More detailed information is available here.


The CCAC provides advice and recommendations on the administration of the cable office and any franchise agreement or application.


The Cable Communications Advisory Committee (CCAC) is composed of 15 voting members appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. Each member serves a term of three years without compensation. The CCAC meets several select times each year, at 7:00pm, in room 114 of the Council Office Building (COB).
Meetings may be rescheduled to accommodate holidays.

Members & Staff

  • Marjorie Williams (Staff)
  • Yen Ju Chen (Chair)
  • Muriel Hairston-Cooper
  • James Quinn
  • Lonta Townsend

Meeting Dates - Agendas - Minutes

  • September 27
  • November 15
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