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Community Technology (Cable Office) is part of the Office of Broadband Programs. The office is responsible for administering Cable Television franchise agreements for the County and participating municipalities, facilitating and coordinating the entry of competing providers of telecom services, managing County Cable Montgomery, the government access channel, resolving issues regarding cable and communications technology for the County, monitoring and commenting on changes in state and federal laws and regulations, providing staff support to the Cable and Communications Advisory Committee (CCAC), and coordinating the citing of telecommunications transmissions facilities (Tower Committee).

The responsibilities associated with cable TV franchise administration include:

  • Ensure cable operator compliance with requirements of franchises for customer service and financial, technical, and construction requirements
  • Investigate and resolve subscriber complaints;
  • Administer the contracts to provide for public access to cable production services
  • Evaluate Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG)*** channel use, and provide liaison, support, and record keeping on performance of the PEG channels
  • Prepare the annual Cable Communications Plan
  • Collect franchise fees, grants, and other payments to the County and distribute franchise fees to the participating municipal co-franchisors