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Montgomery County created the Cable Communications Fund as a special non-tax revenue fund. The Cable Communications Fund receives revenues from cable franchise fees received from cable operators who occupy the County’s public rights-of-way and Transmission Facilities Coordinating Group application fees received from telecommunications companies seeking to place wireless communications antennas and towers in the County. The purpose of creating the special fund was to facilitate the ability of the County to support, enhance and expand communications services. The Office of Cable and Broadband Services is responsible for managing the Cable Communications Fund.

FY17, FY18, FY19 Budget Information

FY17, FY18, & FY19 Reccommend and Approved Cable Plan Budget Information

FY16 Budget Information

FY16 Cable Plan
FY16 CE Recommended Cable Communications Plan

FY15 Budget Information

FY15 CE Recommended Cable Budget
FY15 CE Recommended Cable Communications Plan

FY14 Budget Information

FY14 CE Recommended Cable Budget
FY14 CE Recommended Cable Communications Plan
FY14 Cable Fund Information

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