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Comcast Billing Update

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Beginning June 4, 2017, Comcast will be upgrading its billing system. You may receive your paper bill statement on a different date and your payment date may change.

You will see a new account number on your bill

If you have Comcast automatic bill payment services, your payments will automatically route to your new account according to the due date. If you pay using online banking, please notify your bank of your new account number and due date.

Your payment due date may change

If you are issued a new due date, and you pay your monthly bill via Comcast's automatic bill payment service, then your payment will be withdrawn from your bank account on the new date. If you pay your bill electronically through your bank, you may want to inform your bank of the new payment due date. Your new due date will not be earlier than your current due date, and it will be at least 23 days after your statement date each month.

You may receive your bill statement on a new date

You may receive your paper bill statement on a new date, or your statement may be available for viewing online on a new date.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-XFINITY (934-6489).


Comcast Billing Updates Notice
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