Gap Analysis

The Continuum of Care is conducting a comprehensive analysis of the current state of homelessness in Montgomery County.

A full assessment will be conducted of the county's current needs, existing resources and gaps in the system.

The gap analysis seeks to identify:

  • Trends in data
  • Current consumer needs
  • Quantifies the County's investment in ending homelessness
  • Quantifies costs attributed to achieving positive outcomes

The report is being developed with input from the:

  • Interagency Commission on Homelessness Operations Committee
  • Homeless services providers who participated in surveys and system mapping exercises
  • Current and former consumers who participated in focus groups
  • County staff who participated in interview and provided data and resources.

The report will also:

  • Identify gaps in the homeless service system
  • Recommend program re-design and scaling of strategies
  • Recommend opportunities for strengthening and expanding the program.

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