Montgomery County Continuum of Care

The Montgomery County Continuum of Care (CoC) is a partnership of public and private groups working to prevent and end homelessness in Montgomery County, Maryland. Support for CoC efforts includes federal, state, local and private funds, including funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded through the Continuum of Care Funding Competition. 

Interagency Commission on Homelessness Continuum of Care 2022 Competition

The 2022 Continuum of Care (CoC) Competition is open! Housing Urban Development (HUD) has opened TWO NOFO opportunities this year -- the Annual Competition and a Special 2022 Competition focused on services and housing for those experiencing unsheltered homelessness.  Eligible projects may apply for both funding opportunities

This page will be updated as additional information is available -- please make sure to check back regularly. 

Additional information can be found on  Please look under the 1st bullet Supplemental and the 4th bullet COC Program Competition for updates direcly from HUD.  NOTE for the annual competition HUD has noted they will have all materials updated by August 22nd.  

Important Dates

Friday, August 12
4-5 p.m.
Continuum of Care Annual Competition Virtual Information Session Passcode: j.5@^Tz3
2022 Annual NOFO Information Session Presenation
Friday, August 19 Letter of intent to apply or voluntary reallocate date.
Wednesday, August 31
5 p.m.
Budget, Addendums, and Project Application Due in PDF only
Thursday, September 15
Notification of Project Selection and Ranking and Rating will be provided to agency and posted to website no later than September 15th
Monday, July 18
3-4 p.m. 
Continuum of Care Special Competition Virtual Information Session | Passcode: 4#ese14e
2022 Supplemental NOFO Information Session Presentation 
Monday, August 22
5 p.m.
Letter of Intent to apply due.
September 12
5 p.m.
Projects Application Due in PDF only
Tuesday, October 5
by EOB
Notification of Project Selection and Ranking and Rating will be provided to agency and posted to website no later than October 5th.

Please review the links below for additional information about the CoC process, funding priorities and application requirements.

Additional information about the Montgomery County CoC Competition will be posted as it becomes available.

Key NOFO Documents