Landlord Supports

The Montgomery County Landlord Supports is a partnership that is committed to providing permanent housing to all County residents exiting homelessness.

Are you interested in quickly matching with potential tenants for your rentals? By partnering with Montgomery County’s Services to End and Prevent Homelessness (SEPH), landlords can take advantage of several special incentives while ensuring that their units remain consistently leased. Minimize your risks and increase your reward by directly connecting to resources, supported tenants, and networking opportunities for future partnership.

Reduce Your Fees
  • Free marketing of your unit(s).
  • Minimize eviction/court fees.
  • Reduce high turnover/time unit is unoccupied.

Timely Payments
  • Consistently receive rent from housing providers.

Directly Connect
to Tenants
  • Quick connection to available renter.
  • A steady referral source of new tenants.

Availability of Ongoing Supportive Services
  • Access to care coordination and conflict mediation.

Incentives and Assurances
  • Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund.
  • Double security deposit where appropriate.
  • Financial bonuses for signing up and landlord referrals.

Continued Engagement
  • Access to technical assistance.
  • Connection to other resources.
  • Stay updated about pertinent information and laws.
  • Networking opportunities/events.