Library Advisory Committees

Twenty-two subcommittees of the Montgomery County Library Board (MCLB), called Library Advisory Committees (LAC), represent each library branch and the Montgomery County Correctional Center.

Branch Agendas & Minutes

About Library Advisory Committees

The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) is a subcommittee of the Montgomery County Library Board (MCLB). The role of your Library Advisory Committee (LAC):

  • Advise the Montgomery County Library Board (MCLB) of specific findings, issues, problems and concerns related to your library and make recommendations to the Board on public library related matters, following the appropriate channels of communication;
  • Provide the Library Manager with input on behalf of the Library Board;
  • Facilitate communication between Library Board, LAC members, and your community;
  • Obtain the advice and views of the your community on library needs and report these views to the Library Board;
  • Participate in providing government officials with advice and counsel about libraries via the Library Board, and in support of positions taken by the Library Board, may testify before County Council and/or appear at Council hearings;
  • Recruit new LAC members;
  • Represent the users of your library at community functions such as meetings, fairs, celebrations, etc.; and
  • Suggest and recommend programs to the Library Manager.

Your library is a hub in the community. It offers free and equal access to services and resources that connect the people of Montgomery County to ideas and information which sustain and enrich their lives. Want to serve your library's community? Apply to become a member of a Library Advisory Committee. You can also send us your comments and suggestions.

Agendas & Minutes

Available LAC agendas and minutes can be found below.

Branch Agendas & Minutes

Join a Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committees strive to reflect the diversity of their community and broadly represent a cross-section of the community it serves. Membership qualifications and process:

  • Any individual who lives or works in Montgomery County in the area served by the Library Advisory Committee is eligible for membership;
  • A Candidate for LAC membership may initiate the membership process by completing an Application for Membership to a Montgomery County Library Advisory Committee;
  • Member applications are reviewed and approved by the Montgomery County Library Board;
  • Members may serve up to two, three-year terms;

For more information, please contact your Library Manager.

Membership Expectations

Members of the Library Advisory Committee are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • LAC members should be familiar with the Library Board/Montgomery County Public Libraries structure, local library history, and the LAC Handbook;
  • LAC members are invited to any and all Montgomery County Library Board meetings and library related activities.
  • LAC members may testify at public hearings of the County Council;
  • LAC members are not allowed to participate in local library department personnel matters;
  • LACs do not raise money or funding streams. To assist their branch library in securing supplemental funds, LAC members, as individuals, may participate in FOL book sales.

LAC meetings are held at your local library branch. Subscribe to the MCPL Library Advisory Committee Calendar for details.