Bulletin board postings and handouts at MCPL

This page contains MCPL's requirements for postings or handouts, as well as information regarding the distribution of postings or handouts.

Requirements for Postings or Handouts

  • Library staff must approve or deny materials submitted for posting or handout. Staff will post and remove the materials.
  • The following materials are given priority:
    • Library and government information;
    • Events of local interest;
    • Non-profit materials of local, civic, cultural, educational or recreational interest;
    • Free community periodicals with local news and articles;
    • Directories that are free and of local interest.
  • Materials must include the organization’s name, address, web address, and telephone number.
  • In general, bulletin board notices are accepted for dated material only, not to exceed 30 days as space permits. If no date is specified, materials will be displayed for a period determined by the library manager, up to 30 days.
  • Materials will be displayed as space permits.
  • Unused materials will be recycled.
  • The following materials will not be accepted:
    • Advertisements for businesses, products, services, job openings, or items for sale or giveaway.
    • Solicitations for contributions.
    • Requests for study participants for research.
    • Non-profit organizations' newsletters or meeting minutes.
    • Flyers/posters for events and/or programs that charge any type of admission or registration fee.
  • Materials left for posting or distribution without authorization will be discarded.

Distribution of Postings or Handouts

You may deliver or mail items directly to individual libraries for consideration. Alternatively, organizations can apply to have materials distributed to library branches via the library's central delivery service. To apply for the library's delivery service:

  • Complete and submit a Public Handout Questionnaire (PDF).
  • Allow 30 days for approval. Approved organizations will receive instructions about the number of copies permitted, about labelling and bundling, and about designating branches that should receive the materials.
  • A copy of the approval letter must accompany materials for central distribution.
  • Approved organizations also have the option to mail or deliver their items directly to individual libraries. A copy of the approval letter must be included with the items.
  • Approval and centralized distribution does not guarantee space in local library handouts areas or on bulletin boards.

Campaign literature

During the 4 weeks before an election, all libraries (except the Noyes Library for Young Children) provide an area specifically for handouts about candidates or ballot initiatives. A candidate may supply 100 handouts, no larger than 8-1/2 x 11 inches, and may replenish the supply as needed.

Petitioning or In-person Distribution of Literature

  • Within the library buildings: Petitioning, solicitation, distribution of literature, or canvassing are not allowed in the libraries.  Rare exceptions may be made for specific library or County projects only with the express approval of the Library Director.
  • On library grounds: Groups or individuals may petition, solicit, canvas or distribute literature on library parking lots, sidewalks, or grounds, so long as they do not impede access to the building or interfere with its use through excessive noise or other disturbance.
  • Fundraising for organizations other than the Friends of the Library and its affiliates is not permitted in library buildings or on library grounds.

Revised 11/19/2012