Zoom Security Settings

MCPL Zoom Security In-Meeting Settings Controls/Features to Ensure Your Meetings Are Secure and Disruption-Free.

Below are in-meeting security controls or features that allow the MCPL meeting host (i.e. the library staff member holding the program) to ensure that meetings are safe environments for participants.

Enabled Security Features for MCPL Zoom Host

  • Mute participants: Participants are muted upon entry. A host, i.e. the library staff member holding the program, can mute/unmute individual participants or all of them at once. A host can block unwanted, distracting, or inappropriate noise from other participants.
  • Remove participants: If the host removes a participant from the meeting, they can not return.
  • Put participant on hold: The host can put an attendee on hold and their video and audio connections will be disabled momentarily.
  • Disable video: The host can turn a participant’s video off, allowing the host to block unwanted, distracting, or inappropriate gestures on video.
  • Lock the meeting: The host can lock the meeting after a certain time to prevent anyone new from joining.
  • Use of waiting rooms: The host can decide to use a waiting room. If they do, participants will be admitted to the meeting individually by the host. Waiting rooms are optional and not always used, because the host needs to manually approve every person in the waiting room, which can be challenging if there are a large number of participants.

Disabled Features

  • File transfer: This prevents participants from sharing files through the in-meeting chat.
  • Annotation: This prevents participants from writing on the host's screen.
  • Private chat: This prevents participants from messaging each other privately during the program to help cut back on distractions. Participants can message the host privately.
  • Screen sharing: Screen sharing, including the use of the WhiteBoard, has been disabled for participants. The host can share their screen, but cannot annotate on the screen nor use the Whiteboard.
  • Recording: Participants will not be able to record a program.

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