Before you make your COVID-19 vaccine appointment

Ready to make your first-dose COVID-19 vaccine appointment at a Montgomery County-run clinic?

Here are some questions to ask before you schedule your appointment.

We look forward to seeing you!

Do you need a ride to your appointment?

Don't wait until you have a vaccine appointment to arrange transportation. Start planning now.

Get a ride to your COVID-19 vaccination.

Do you need more information about the COVID-19 vaccine?

Our clinics use the Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer vaccines.

Have you had COVID-19 in the last 90 days?

If you have had COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in the last 90 days, we can vaccinate you if you

  • are recovered, and
  • were not given monoclonal antibodies.

If you received monoclonal antibodies, you must wait 90 days.

Have you had another vaccine recently?

You may now get COVID-19 and other vaccines on the same day, or within a few days of each other. Check with your healthcare provider if you have questions about your vaccine timing.

Do you have a history of anaphylactic reaction to any vaccine?

If you have a history of allergic reaction to any other vaccine, discuss your situation with your healthcare provider. You may receive the COVID-19 vaccine. You should be monitored after you receive your dose.

You should not receive a COVID-19 vaccine dose if you had a severe allergic reaction to

  • a previous COVID-19 vaccine dose, or
  • a COVID-19 vaccine ingredient.

Are you pregnant?

Discuss your situation with your healthcare provider. They can help you decide whether to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Are you under the age of 12?

County Clinics are currently vaccinating all residents 12 and older:

  • Age 18 and older: Moderna and J&J vaccine
  • Age 12 and older: Pfizer vaccine

Do you have at least 30 minutes of time for your vaccination appointment?

The on-site registration process and vaccination can take some time. Also, you should wait 15 minutes after you get your dose in case you have a reaction. For your safety, please make sure you have the time in your schedule to wait the full 15 minutes.